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We specialize in representing home and business owners in their lawsuits against insurance companies. This includes under payment of insurance benefits, wrongful denials of coverage, and bad faith conduct of insurance companies.


Hurricane & Windstorm

Hurricanes continue damaging our homes and surrounding areas. Catastrophic winds can damage your roof and costs to repair your home would bankrupt you if you did not have successful claim.


Fires are devastating and smoke can cause damage to electronics and interior ceilings and walls. An insurance carrier will often downplay the cost of repair and sometimes accuse homeowners of Arson. We have successfully litigated arson cases and fire damage cases.

Pipe Bursts & Water Damage

Toilets, sinks and appliances often times overflow and you will need to replace the underground rusted drain pipes. Trenching the floors is expensive and covered under most policies if water damage occurred. Pipe bursts can flood the home and cause mold and severe water damage.

Vandalism & Theft

A burglar or thief can financially destroy you. Often times your home or business gets damaged during a break in. The carrier will often put you through a lot of trouble with a contents inventory or request receipts that you do not have. It is important to take photos now of all personal property before the theft occurs and keep your receipts.

Mold Damage

Mold growth in your property can be initiated by high indoor humidity, flooding, a leaking roof, a burst water pipe, or even a malfunctioning dishwasher or refrigerator. In many cases, problematic mold can grow for months, and even years, before it is detected and in places you often can’t see.


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